When travelling to Odisha from outside of India, make sure you know what emergency healthcare you are entitled to, what medicines you can bring into the country, what to do in an emergency, and what travel insurance you will need.

Citizens of other countries will be charged for most medical services with some exclusions including emergency treatment.

You should obtain travel insurance with medical cover before your trip.

Vaccines: Currently, no vaccines or medical examinations are required for entering Odisha.
Water: The water is generally safe for consumption. However, it's recommended that you drink bottled water for the first few days.
Raw Foods: You should avoid eating uncooked vegetables, especially those that grow near the soil (e.g. lettuce, carrots) unless you buy them from an established supermarket, which must comply with sanitary norms in order to sell this kind of produce. It's also preferable to eat cooked meats, fish and seafood.
Public Health System: Public hospitals and emergency services are required to attend to any person in need of emergency assistance. The state features high-quality medical centers, clinics and hospitals.